FAQ’s On The Best E Liquid

October 22nd, 2014

E-cigarette traces its origin as far back as 1943. For some reason, it did not do well in the market. Its rise to popularity started in 2003. With a little more than a decade in the market, it is considerably new to a lot of people. It is expected for consumers to have a lot of questions about e cigarettes. Here are some of them:

What is e liquid?

The “e” stands for electronic. This is the liquid used in e-cigarettes that is vaporized and inhaled by the user. It is sometimes called as e-juice or smoke juice. It creates the “throat hit” that simulates the sensation one has when smoking a real cigarette.

What are the contents of the best e liquid?

There are basically four contents, which are the following:

 Bases. These are Propylene Glycol or PG (main ingredient), Vegetable Glycerin or VG (used in combination with PG to attain the throat hit).
 Flavors. There are hundreds of flavors that one can choose from. Some examples of these are vanilla, coffee, mocha, menthol, caramel, banana, grapes and strawberry.
 Nicotine. Although there is no standard dose, one would find the usual dosing as:
o Nicotine free – 0 mg per millimeter
o Low strength – 4-8 mg/ml
o Middle or medium strength – 10-14 mg/ml
o High dose or strength – 16-18 mg/ml
o Extra high dose or very high strength – 24-36 mg/ml

e-juiceIs it true that e-cigarette is an effective tool for those who want to cease smoking?

Studies revealed that there is a success rate of one out of every five smokers. The success can be attributed to the gradual decrease of nicotine in the body as opposed to its abrupt removal. With the best eliquid, the smoker has control over the amount of nicotine to be included in each formulation. Another factor could be the effects of the flavors of the best e liquid on the taste buds of the user. With the different flavors available, the tongue can develop other preferences aside from the regular cigarette taste. This makes the transition easy. For instance, a switch from cigarette to fruits is more attainable when the tongue tastes fruits (through the best e liquid fruity flavors)more often. When offered real fruit instead of the flavored fruity e-cigarette, the brain would readily accept the replacement.

How does one do the best e liquid by himself or herself?

DIY is fast gaining popularity. It is actually quite easy to make on your own when you have the right chemicals and materials. The use of e-liquid calculator is actually the key. Just encode the input of the e-liquid that you prefer, the nicotine strength that you want and the flavor, and the e-liquid calculator will give you the exact measure for each component. Afterwards, just do the mixing of the ingredients as per calculation.Shake thoroughly. One important caution though. Make safety a priority. Put all the chemicals in a high place where little children would not be able to see or touch them. Use protective garments such as eyewear, gloves and long sleeves clothing at all times when preparing the eliquid. Be especially careful when handling nicotine as it is the most toxic of all the ingredients.

Are there no side effects on using e-cigarettes?

At this time, studies about the overall effects of e-cigarettes are not yet conclusive. This is because more time is needed to finalize the results of the effects of e-cigarettes on one’s health. With only a little more than a decade in existence, more experiment, researches and studies are needed before a credible conclusion can be made. However, many reports of reduced health problems associated with smoking are already established with e-cigarettes. Among these are bad breath, second hand smoke and staining of teeth, to name just a few.