Phoenix Pegacorn

Farmville Jewel Combinations For The Unicorn Island !

Hey Guys Unicorn Island Will Allow The Farmers To Create The Unicorns After Collecting A Specific Number Of Jewel Bushels For Example Purple Amethyst, White Diamond , Green Emerald ...
Harmony Garden Stage 6

Farmville Harmony Garden !

Farmville Is Soon Going To Introduce The Harmony Garden, It Will Work As Same As The Animal Feed Mill And Other Material Giving Buildings, The Harmony Garden Will Give You The Flower ...
Vineyard Steed Horse_Fvkings

Farmville Charming Vineyard !

Charming Vineyard ! Another Buildable Building Has Made Its Way To The Game, Its A Vote Building, You’ll Have To Ask Your Friends To Vote For Your Desired Choice  Whether You ...
Floating Waterfall 6_Fvkings

Farmville Buildable Floating Waterfall Coming Soon!

Hey Farmers,  A New Buildable Building Is Soon To Hit The Game, Its The Beautiful Floating Waterfall, Have A Look Below ! Consists Of 7 Stages With Material Required !
loading screen

Farmville Bloom Garden Guide !

Hello Farmers, A  New Type Of Seeds Made Their Way In The Game Recently, These Are The Farmville Blooms, These Can Be Grown And Harvested, As Well As Can Be Mastered Too, To Store ...
Dialogue Header_Fvkings

Unreleased Dino Lab !

Howdy Farmers ! Farmville Is Going To Get Updated With Another Breeding Building, The All New Dino Lab, As The Name Sounds, It Will Allow The Farmers To Breed The Dinosaurs, And As ...

Farmville Buildable Hot Spring !

Hot Spring Soon To Arrive, Is The Next Buildable Building In Farmville! Hot Spring Will Allow The Farmers To Harvest And Get Fertilize All! , You’ll Be needing Steam, Bedrock ...
Animal Dojo_FVkings

Unreleased JADE FALLS Buildings !

Following Buildings Have Been Spotted To Be A Part Of The 6th Farm! Hover Over The Mouse Pointer On The Image To See the Name !    
Beach Resort Stage_Fvkings_1

Farmville Buildable Beach Resort Arrives !

Hey Farmers, Another Buildable Building Makes Its Way To The Game Just Right Now, Its The ” Beach Resort ” , Consists Of 6 Stages, With Suitable Amount Of Parts, We’ve ...
Perfect Pet_Fvkings_1

Farmville The Perfect Pet Guide !

The Perfect Pet ! Another Feature Introduced like the Ideal Vacation Homes, You need to ask your friends to vote for one of the two items you like! After you get enough votes,  you’ll ...
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