FarmVille Irrigation Water Well And Sprinkler Guide

After the Bushel Swap Building, FarmVille and Zynga have added one more helpful feature to the game called the Irrigation Well & Sprinkler! As the name suggests, this feature consists of a Water Well and a Sprinkler Vehicle which may be used to cut the grow time of the crops by half! However, this feature is available for use on the Home Farm only! Read more below.



Showcasing The FarmVille Irrigation Well & Sprinkler On The Loading Screen

Farmers will be able to place the Water Well on their farm, build it up to 5 building stages and use it to collect water for growing your crops!

FarmVille Irrigation Well Animated Pop Up On Farm

Irrigation Well Stage 0 Irrigation Well Stage 1 Irrigation Well Stage 2
Irrigation Well Stage 3 Irrigation Well Stage 4 Irrigation Well Stage 5


Farmers will be using Red Bricks, Water Pails, and Ropes to build and upgrade their Irrigation Well. Below is a table showing the requirements at each stage and also the total.


Red Brick

Water Pail

Level 1 7 7 7 21
Level 2 27 27 27 81
Level 3 40 40 40 120
Level 4 54 54 54 162
Level 5 73 73 73 219
Total 201 201 201 603


All the above parts can only be crafted in the Craftshop. The bushel requirements are as shown below.

–Ingredients– –Ingredients– –Ingredients– –Product–


5xCereses Carrot

5xPurple Tulip

Red Brick

–Ingredients– –Ingredients– –Ingredients– –Product–

5xYellow Freesia


5xPurple Potato

Water Pail

–Ingredients– –Ingredients– –Ingredients– –Product–

5xCorn Flower

5xLicorice Plant

5xYellow Daffodil



Below are some tutorial images suggesting how the Irrigation Well is going to work.


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