Farmville Celestial Pastures Chapter 3 Quest Guide

Hey Farmers! The Celestial Pastures Farm has been spread now and one week is about to pass since its release. Chapter 3 will make its way to the game as soon as the chapter 2 ends. Here is our guide to help you get through the chapter 3 quest a little faster.Expected duration of this chapter is from  24th June, 2013 to 1st July, 2013. Scroll down.


“I know we’re getting close now – this slime is fresher than anything we’ve found before! Thanks for helping me follow the trail all this way, Farmer! I’m not sure I could’ve done it alone…WAIT! LOOK! What’s that?!

Quest 1: Sliming Time Station

Sliming Time StationLitmus PapersSloog's Lair

Get 7 Litmus Papers
Harvest 35 Sun Fade Barley (14 Hrs)
Harvest Space Guardian 2 Times
Reward: Sloog’s Lair

Quest 2: Cleanliness Is Next to Bopliness

Cleanliness Is Next to BoplinessBaking SodaPretzel Tree

Get 8 Baking Sodas
Harvest 50 Sun Fingers (16 Hrs)
Craft 1 Hyper Speed Thruster
Reward: Pretzel Tree

Quest 3: Flux Attractors

Flux AttractorsElectromagnetGooey Duck

Get 9 Electromagnets
Harvest 60 Thuck Wheat (12 Hrs)
Harvest 1 Space Pasture
Reward: Gooey Duck

Quest 4: Brax-fast of Champions

Brax-fast of ChampionsSloog Jelly MoldSloog Dessert

Get 9 Sloog Jelly Molds
Harvest 70 Ooval Tomatoes (10 Hrs)
Harvest Gooey Duck 2 Times
Reward: Sloog Dessert

Quest 5: Braxing Up the Wrong Tree

Braxing Up the Wrong Tree     Whipped CreamSpace Alien Hound

Get 10 Whipped Creams
Harvest 85 Space Dust Sugar Cane (23 Hrs)
Craft Sun Crisps 1 Time
Reward: Space Alien Hound

Quest 6: Shield of Dreams

Shield of DreamsShield SongsGuardian Unicorn         

Get 12 Shield Songs
Harvest 100 Myne Melons (23 Hrs)
Master Gooey Duck to 1-Star (5 Harvests)
Reward: Guardian Unicorn

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