Farmville Mystery Game Update 25th March,2013

Farmville & Zynga have re-stocked the mystery game for this week. We’ve the Prehistoric animals in the mystery game this time. Each dart will cost you 15 Farm Cash, You’ll be able to claim a free bonus reward  as well if you win all the six prizes first. 


Have a look below!

  • White Wooly Mammoth – Rare
  • Mastodon – Rare
  • Compsognathus – Uncommon
  • Dilophosaurus – Uncommon
  • Ankylosaurus – Common
  • Troodontidae – Common
  • Prehistoric Sheep – Bonus Reward!

White Wooly MammothMastodonCompsognathusDilophosaurusAnkylosaurusTroodontidae    

Bonus Reward is this Prehistoric Sheep!

Prehistoric Sheep  

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