FarmVille Traditions Around the World Quests Text Guide

FarmVille and Zynga are about to add new Quests to the game Traditions Around the World Quest are total 9 quests starting time of the quests Starts: 14th December, 2012 and Expires: 28th December, 2012. Following are the details of the Traditions Around the World Quests.

Please Note : Incase of any change made to these quests by Zynga at the time of release or later , we won’t be responsible, though we’ll be sure to update the guide and let you guys know, the guide right now is exactly as seen in the game database.

Quest 1: Festivus?:

Get 6 Festivus Poles
Harvest 50 Spinach
Harvest Animal Workshop 2 Times
125 XP, Pig of Strength, 2500 Coins
Quest 2: Paper Lamps
Get 7 Crepe Papers
Harvest 75 Morning Glory
Harvest Pig of Strength 2 Times
150 XP, Parol, 3000 Coins
Quest 3: Winter Solstice
Get 8 Bamboo Baskets
Harvest 100 Rice
Make Black Licorice Recipe 3 Times
175 XP, 2 Turbo Chargers, 3500 Coins
Quest 4: Holidays in the Summer?
Get 9 Paua Shells
Harvest 125 Grapes
Master Pig of Strength to 1-Star
200 XP, Pohutakawa Tree, 4000 Coins
Quest 5: Straw Goats
Get 9 Red Ribbons
Harvest 150 Sorghums
Harvest Pohutakawa Tree 1 Time
225 XP, Yule Goat, 4500 Coins
Quest 6: Boxing and the Holidays?
Get 9 Boxing Day Gifts
Harvest 150 Wheat
Harvest Yule Goat 2 Times
250 XP, 1 Mystery Dart, 5000 Coins
Quest 7: Festivals and Feasts
Get 10 Kente Clothes
Harvest 150 Squash
Make Strawberry Licorice Cupcake 3 Times
275 XP, 1 XP Book, 5500 Coins
Quest 8: Festival of Lights
Harvest 11 Wood Blocks
Harvest 150 Rye
Master Yule Goat to 1-Star
300 XP, Dreidel Tree, 6000 Coins
Quest 9: Colors and Family
Get 12 Colorful Paper Mache
Harvest 200 Peanuts
Harvest Dreidel Tree 1 Time
325 XP, Pinata Pony, 6500 Coins
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