FarmVille Return to England Quests Text Guide

Heya Guys, New Quests To The England Country Side To Arrive Soon, Sounds Fun, But Obviously Its More Than Load :P Well You’ll Be Able To Work OnTravel Heavy Quest, Barley Started Quest, Lift A Pint Quest, Where there’s A Whool Quest, A Lamb For Ewe Quest, I’m Sure It’ll Turnip Quest, Find Doctor Fluffy Quest, Fit For A Duke Quest & Good Bye Again Quest… Well Seeing the number of crops of be harvested once you will be shocked, but wait, there’s a month to get through these quests, so relax and work calmly :D

Although These Quests Are Named As England Quests, But These Can Be Carried Out On All Farms…Good Luck

  • Quests Time : 3rD October, 2012 To 2nd November, 2012 !
  • Stay Tuned For The Screen Shot Version Of the Guide, For Now This Guide Might Help You.

Travel Heavy

1. Harvest 500 English Peas
2. Harvest 500 English Roses
3. Take Photo with the Green Button


Barley Started

1. Harvest 800 Barley (12 Hrs)
2. Make 6 Barley Crumpets
3. Harvest 6 Livestock Pens


Lift a Pint

1. Harvest 800 Hops (10 Hrs)
2. Harvest 800 Red Currant
3. Make 8 Oliviaberry Beers


Where there’s a Wool

1. Harvest 1000 Tomatoes
2. Harvest 1000 Strawberries
3. Make 8 Love Potions


A Lamb for Ewe

1. Build 1 Sheep Pen
2. Harvest the Sheep Pen 3 Times
3. Harvest 1000 Cara Potatoes


I’m sure it’ll Turnip

1. Harvest a Cow Pasture 5 Times
2. Harvest 1000 Turnips
3. Make 10 Turnip Stew


Find Doctor Fluffy

1. Harvest 1000 Radishes
2. Harvest 1000 Foxglove
3. Make 10 Foxes Ale


Fit for a Duke

1. Harvest 1200 Black Tea
2. Make 6 Rosehip Tea
3. Make 6 Duke’s Stout


Goodbye Again

1. Harvest 1500 Royal Hops
2. Make 12 Lionhead Ale
3. Buy 1 Crate


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